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We are a market intelligence company focused on improving business and marketing strategies of companies.

What We Do?

Adsolut produces analytical and intelligent extraction of large volumes of structured or unstructured data, which are collected, stored and classified by a very high performance system.

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Big Data

Quantity of data. Big data requires processing large volumes of unstructured data. It is Big Data's job to convert such data into valuable information.


The speed at each data is received and managed. Some applications / sites have security ramifications that require real-time evaluation and action. Other products operate in real time.


Unstructured or semi-structured data require additional processing to have meaning. Once interpreted, these data have many of the requirements of structured data.


One of the most important points of any information is that it is true. With analysis and statistics of large volumes of data it is possible to compensate for incorrect information.


Finding value requires discovery processes that involve intelligent and informative analysis. Big Data's real challenge is the human being, who is learning to ask the right questions, recognize patterns and predict behaviors.


Crossing a large amount of information from the internal and external environment, generates a strategic report allied to the needs of your company.


Your company works with Intelligence?
Adsolut has solutions for all types of markets.


Match of Products


Pricing Monitoring


Market Analysis

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Information Match


Risk Analysis

Information Extraction

Capturing high volume of data

Market Analysis

Quantitative analysis of a market segment

Competitor Monitoring

Qualitative and strategic analysis of Direct Competitors


Match of categorized data in different ways


Addition of complementary information, aiming at a better strategic positioning


Extraction and Grouping of materials, separated by channel and keywords

What do customers say?

"Adsolut has proven to be a relevant partner in the market intelligence solution, being flexible in our needs and able to adapt its product to our commercial and technical reality. In addition, we maintain a monthly discussion routine to work on improvements and more and more information from our market.”

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"Adsolut is a serious company formed by entrepreneurs with market knowledge. The flexibility in customizing Adsolut deliveries was critical to bring more intelligence to Magazine Luiza's processes."

Pedro Corrêa de Souza Magazine Luiza

"We conducted a project in partnership with Adsolut, to collect market data from the health sector in Brazil. Adsolut worked with objective and pertinent proposals and always remained available to better meet our demands. Database of great value, that leveraged several analyzes in the area of Market Intelligence of the Fleury Group. "

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Our Team

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Mauro Bignardi

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